Discover Nature

Discover Nature

Beautiful beaches, state parks and more

Exploring Florida

There are sixty-seven counties in the state of Florida. Thirty-five of those are coastal counties with majestic beaches, thriving nature trails and wetlands. Explore those counties along with us as we travel this summer. Listen to our podcast for updates and the latest information of openings and closures on our Facebook page. We will continually be updating the blog and this website with in depth information and photographs.

Not all those who wander are lost.


Fun Fact: Florida has 175 award winning state parks!

Ocean and sand

Explore Beach Towns

Explore North Florida, South Florida, Florida Keys, East Coast or the West Coast.

Discover State Parks

Discover state parks with trails or overnight camp sites.

Ocean Exploration

Snorkeling, diving, deep water fishing or dinner cruises.

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Get to know The Florida Traveler and group of contributors.

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