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Summer has barely began and already Florida is being declared the next “hot spot”. However, don’t let that get you down. Now is the perfect time for a Virtual Summer Vacation; follow along with us to virtually travel and explore all of the destinations you didn’t know about before; make a list of your favorite destinations for your 2021 Travel Bucket List. Our bucket list keeps getting longer so I know when this virus is on the down turn and there is a vaccine I will be a totally informed traveler.

First, let’s hit the road for a virtual ZOO tour. First stop : ZOO TAMPA. Zoo Tampa at Lowry Park has over 1,300 animals broken down by themed exhibits. Zoo Tampa practices safe social distancing and has implemented a new modified operations plan which can be downloaded on their website. Safety is a priority and there is zero tolerance for deviating from new rules and regulations.

Let’s go to the zoo! First stop, ASIA. Get up close to many rare and endangered animals. and take part in aviary feedings and rhino encounters.

  • ASIA (15 exhibits). In Asia you will find a netted aviary for visitors to feed birds; a small yard with komodo dragons and a medium sized pool yard with a Malayan Tapir surrounded by a moat with a Visayan Warty Pig. Have you ever seen a Sulawesi Babirusa? Kind of looks like a wart hog. The most exciting of exhibits in Asia is the Cloud Leopard and Great Indian Rhinocerus. There are Great Asian Pond turtles and a Burmese Black Tortoise.

Florida (55 Exhibits) The Florida Boardwalk and Manatee Mangrove is home to many native wildlife species. This is a long, native exhibit with paths and an exhibit building. You will find manatees, alligators, american Flamingos, snakes and brown pelicans along with turtles and a Florida panther.

Primates (10 exhibits) The majority of the primates here are endangered species. A personal favorite, the primate area includes a Chimpanzee, Orangutan, Lemurs and more.

Africa (21 exhibits) Africa is the most popular exhibit at the zoo along with “Expedition Africa” a guided cart ride and a Giraffe Meet and Greet. There is also a backstage white rhino encounter. The exhibit is complete with Meerkats, African Elephants, Zebras and Rhinocerous along with Hippo’s and Giraffes, Africa is a family favorite.

Wallaroo Childrens Area

Wallaroo Childrens Area is an Australian themed family area which provides hours of family fun for children of all ages. The area includes the Tasmanian Tiger Coaster, Splash Area, Koalas, Wambats, Llamas and more!

The zoo is currently open, however, reservations are required. Please contact Zoo Tampa directly at (813)935-8552 or head over to their website ZooTampa. The zoo is located at 1101 W Sligh Avenue Tampa, FL 33604


  • Parking is Free
  • No reentry is permitted
  • All bags, backpacks and packages are subject to inspection
  • A designated picnic area is located outside of the park
  • Only one bottled water per guest is permitted
  • Coolers, suitcases and bags with wheels are prohibited
  • Service animals are permitted with proper credentials
  • No kennels form domestic animals are on site

If you have special dietary needs, please contact guest relations.

Don’t miss the exciting animatronic Dinos Alive!

What are your top Florida destinations?


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